The aim of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program is to introduce primary school children to the pleasures of preparing and sharing a variety of foods they have grown and harvested themselves. This is best achieved in schools that have built a bountiful garden in which the children can be actively involved in growing a range of produce; a welcoming, cooking space where the children can prepare and cook what they have grown; and an eating area that is large enough for everyone involved to share the delicious dishes that have been created.

The Program is embedded in the school curriculum and is a compulsory part of school life for all students in the participating years.

The Kitchen Garden Program is not a lunch program; it is designed to expose children to the greatest variety of fresh, seasonal flavours and cultural foods, and to teach them the techniques they need to make their own delicious meals. This is why each student is given a small taste of many different dishes, rather than one large dish.

The Kitchen Garden Program Philosophy